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17 May 2017  |  No Comment >>

Looking to send your child to summer camp this year? We’ve compiled a list of local camps that provide financial assistance for low-income families, as well as information regarding organizations that supply external funding. You can download the guide here. Do you know of any available subsidies that we’ve missed? Let us know!

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7 Nov 2016  |  No Comment >>

Do you believe that everyone should have a voice in decision-making? Do you think it’s fair that some people can’t access important community and health services because of their income? Do you want to help people living in poverty give voice to their stories and issues? Is it important to you to move from dialogue to action? If you answered yes, then this opportunity might just be for you.  
Richmond Poverty Response Committee (RPRC) is seeking two volunteers to assist on a project addressing barriers to participation in community and health …

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19 Jul 2016  |  No Comment >>

Earlier this month, the Richmond Centre for Disability launched the Supports for Independent Living project aimed at putting people in the “driver’s seat of their life.” To do so the project focuses on two streams — one providing resources for career development, and the other for community participation. Coordinators will assist those taking part in everything from discovering a new career path engaging in a new recreational or volunteer opportunity. For more information, call 604-232-2404, email Louise or Kathie, and/or have a look at the brochure.

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23 Jun 2016  |  No Comment >>

We read often about poverty affecting demographics such as children and seniors, but one group that isn’t addressed nearly as much as it should be is the queer and trans community. People who identify as LGBTQ deal with high levels of poverty and marginalization as well  — for example, one in four queer and trans youth are forced out of their homes due to severe family conflict. Queer and trans youth are also twice as likely to live in unstable housing, moving three or more times in a year.
The BC Poverty …

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20 Apr 2016  |  No Comment >>

Considering 82 per cent of British Columbians believe the proposed $10 a Day child care plan would be beneficial to parents, it’s somewhat surprising that we don’t yet have anything concrete in place. The Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC and the Early Childhood Educators of BC have just released their 2016 update of the plan reflecting the current federal landscape and new enthusiasm of residents across the province.
You can read latest materials on the 10aday.ca website.

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14 Nov 2015  |  No Comment >>

This holiday season, help impoverished Canadians by going one step further than just donating money or non-perishable food items. Join the #RethinkGiving campaign, organized by the BC Poverty Reduction Coalition, and ask the government for a longterm poverty reduction plan. There are a few ways you can get involved, from sending an email to the premier to disseminating the campaign poster. The coalition website has an easy-to-use toolkit and resources to get started right away.

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11 Nov 2015  |  No Comment >>

The fourth annual Welfare Food Challenge, which explores the connections between poverty, climate change, food security and welfare, wrapped up yesterday. People taking part in the six-day event from Nov. 3 to Nov. 9 were required to eat only what they could buy with $21. Learn more about the participants and this year’s challenge.