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12 Apr 2021  |  No Comment >>


Are you or someone you know a looking for a family physician or nurse practitioner in Richmond? A centralized waitlist is now available on the Divisions of Family Practice website where you can register yourself, a family member or someone in your care.

Be a resident of Richmond
Not already be attached to a family physician or nurse practitioner
Have active or pending MSP coverage (call 1-800-663-7100 for more information about coverage)

And remember, free assistance is always available by visiting Healthlink BC online or calling 8-1-1, or locating a walk-in clinic near you.

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13 Mar 2021  |  No Comment >>

The City of Richmond has produced an easy-t0-read, one page document explaining tenant protections as it pertains to relocation due to redevelopment. This guide is the result of work done by the Richmond Poverty Reduction Coalition along with city staff — please print, post and forward to anyone who might benefit from this information.

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5 Mar 2021  |  No Comment >>

“Coronavirus brought sickness to many people
Elders becoming ancestors too soon
Can’t go for coffee, watched the news more
Starbucks closing down!
I’ve been isolated and alone, for so many years
Funny how now the world is sharing in my tears”
Above is an excerpt from a poem that was jointly written between members of the Richmond Advocacy & Support Committee and the Richmond Centre fo Disability. Click here to read the full piece.

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23 Feb 2021  |  No Comment >>

The April 20 deadline to file your Canada Revenue Agency 2020 personal income tax is approaching. Due to the pandemic, some Richmond organizations are still offering free help for income tax preparation for low income individuals ($35,000 annual income or lower, $35,000 to 37,500 with one child) and families ($45,000 dual annual income or lower), however all of the services are on a drop-off and pick-up basis, and/or with either virtual or telephone support, to help keep everyone safe.
Please bring valid government-issued photo identification and all relevant documents such as …

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15 Feb 2021  |  No Comment >>

In December, the B.C. government announced that starting in the new year it would be reducing the COVID-19 income and disability assistance of $300 by half. The PRC has written a letter to Nicholas Simons, Minister of Social Development and Poverty Reduction, requesting the reinstatement and ongoing maintenance of the full benefit. You can read the letter here.

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20 Jan 2021  |  No Comment >>

Next month, Alan Hill of the Richmond Primary Care Network will be presenting on the issues currently facing in our city regarding developing and delivering essential health care services. The meeting will be virtual and taking place over Zoom — please RSVP to if you’re interested in attending.

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16 Jan 2021  |  No Comment >>

This past summer, the Richmond Advocacy & Support Committee launched its YouTube channel called the RASC Project. In case you missed it, RASC hosted its annual “Art for Social Change” exhibition and variety show, for the first time in a virtual format, in early October. You can stream the whole video here: