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Greetings Richmond Poverty Response Committee (PRC) friends and colleagues:
This is an urgent request from the PRC to each and every one of  you. For those of you who made it into the Feb. 28 Richmond Public Library open house on the city’s modular housing proposal, you will know a lot of people are opposed — the library reported over 4,000 people showed up. Our main concern is city council will fold on the issue since it is an election year. So we need to passionately urge them to approve the proposal.
A …


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An afternoon of discussion on living wage will be taking place on Feb. 28 from 1 to 3 p.m. at Kwantlen Polytechnic University Richmond Campus in Room 4900. Co-hosted by the Richmond PRC, KPU Social Justice Group and the Living Wage for Families Campaign, the event will bring together workers, advocates and the public to talk in an informal setting and exchange ideas, challenges and solutions for our city.
Please RSVP by emailing de_whalen@hotmail.com or visit the Facebook page.

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Friendly reminder: April 30 is the Canada Revenue Agency personal income tax filing deadline. Remember, it’s important to file your taxes to whether you earn income or not to ensure you’re receiving all of Canadian tax system benefits and services. Here are some of the organizations in Richmond and beyond offering free income tax preparation help for low income individuals ($30,000 annual income or lower, $35,000 with one child) and families ($40,000 dual annual income or lower).
• BC ACORN (2-630 Carnarvon St., New Westminster): Monday to Friday year-round. Call Akber at 604-522-8707 or email bcadmin@acorncanada.org to book an appointment.
• Chimo …

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On Sept. 28, 2017, the Richmond Advocacy and Support Committee and the Richmond Poverty Response Committee hosted the first annual Richmond Action Forum — Eliminating Barriers to Participation.
The objectives for this project and for this event are to help those living in poverty develop a space/community to share their stories; educate local service providers on the wide range of issues contributing to poverty; and create opportunities for like-minded folks to meet (via community forums, neighbourhood gatherings, city council meetings, etc.) and create positive changes in Richmond.
The Action Forum was a …

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The Richmond Poverty Response Committee launched the “Eliminating barriers to participation for Richmond residents experiencing poverty” project in late 2016. The first phase of involved a series of facilitated conversation circles where both individuals experiencing poverty and agency staff could share their stories in a safe environment. Below is an executive summary of the final report based on those conversation circles findings.
According to the Low-Income Measure, it is estimated that just over 22 per cent of Richmond residents would be considered low income in 2011. The percentage of low-income households …

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The 2017 Richmond Homeless Connect takes place on Oct. 19. Please see below on how you can help:
After eight years of holding Homeless Connect events we would love to say that homelessness is ended in Richmond. It is not, but in looking back over the years, many things are in place that were not in Richmond before. St. Alban Anglican Church and the Richmond Salvation Army on Gilbert have become hubs of services for people who are experiencing homelessness and poverty. Outreach workers connect regularly with the over 100 homeless …