Download or pick up a copy of the the new BC Seniors’ Guide

The BC Seniors’ guide has recently been updated, which is a comprehensive resource providing important information on health, housing, finances community supports and more to help seniors continue to live well. “Our government is committed to helping B.C.’s growing number of older adults live independently for as long as possible, to promote a healthy, active … Read more

Provincial program provides rebate for accessible home adaptations

If you or someone you know has a permanent disability or loss of physical abilities, BC Rebate for Accessible Home Adaptations (BC RAHA) might be able to help. The program provides financial assistance — up to a $17,500 — in the form of rebates for eligible low-and middle-income families to help them complete their housing … Read more

Read Richmond Community Information During COVID booklet

Richmond Homeless Connect has just released its revised 12-page booklet on available services — updated for the current health environment — listing services available for low-income Richmond residents. Please forward to anyone who may benefit from this information including community centres and faith community leaders. For those interested in a printed copy, email

RASC and RCD collaborate on poem inspired by pandemic

“Coronavirus brought sickness to many people Elders becoming ancestors too soon Can’t go for coffee, watched the news more Starbucks closing down! I’ve been isolated and alone, for so many years Funny how now the world is sharing in my tears” Above is an excerpt from a poem that was jointly written between members of … Read more

PRC requests provincial government to reinstate $300 supplement

In December, the B.C. government announced that starting in the new year it would be reducing the COVID-19 income and disability assistance of $300 by half. The PRC has written a letter to Nicholas Simons, Minister of Social Development and Poverty Reduction, requesting the reinstatement and ongoing maintenance of the full benefit. You can read … Read more