Provincial program provides rebate for accessible home adaptations

bc-raha rebate for accessible home adaptation

If you or someone you know has a permanent disability or loss of physical abilities, BC Rebate for Accessible Home Adaptations (BC RAHA) might be able to help. The program provides financial assistance — up to a $17,500 — in the form of rebates for eligible low-and middle-income families to help them complete their housing renovations and continue to live independently at home.  As a homeowner, you can also apply for BC RAHA if your tenants have the same difficulty.

Applicants must be a permanent resident of Canada, and have a total before-tax household income of less than $117,080 — household assets cannot exceed $100,000 (does not include equity in the home being adapted). Download the form or call the office at 604-433-2218 (toll-free 1-800-257-7756) to request an application be sent by mail. Once reviewed, you will receive a letter advising if your application is approved, requires additional information or is ineligible. Once approved, there is a 180 day time limit to complete the work.

To learn more, visit the website.

– Thanks to Alan Chen for this guest post.