Support ninth annual Richmond Homeless Connect


The 2017 Richmond Homeless Connect takes place on Oct. 19. Please see below on how you can help:

After eight years of holding Homeless Connect events we would love to say that homelessness is ended in Richmond. It is not, but in looking back over the years, many things are in place that were not in Richmond before. St. Alban Anglican Church and the Richmond Salvation Army on Gilbert have become hubs of services for people who are experiencing homelessness and poverty. Outreach workers connect regularly with the over 100 homeless or precariously housed individuals that they meet out on their rounds in the streets, providing necessities of life, and personal connection to help make sustainable changes. People can drop into the Resource Centre housed at Salvation Army and enjoy a daily lunch and referrals to needed services and programs. St. Alban’s has weekly programs including community meals and a shower program. None of these services have regular funding and rely on both in-kind donations and financial support.

The 9th Annual Richmond Homeless Connect event will be held:

Thursday October 19th at St. Alban Anglican Church at 7260 St. Alban’s Road

For the day, this location becomes a one stop shop of services, starting at 9:00 with a pancake breakfast followed with access to direct services such as such as haircuts, clothing, meals and healthcare as well as information and referral to services that can be accessed year round.

The support of Richmond residents is needed both financially and through volunteering. The funds donated will go to purchase supplies for the Richmond Connect event. The Homeless Connect planning committee is also asking Richmond residents to give a little extra this year so that donations can be forwarded on to the year round services that do not have regular funding – outreach services, life skills counselling, community education, the extreme weather shelter. And the outreach meal program. This financial support can make all the difference during the year for people who need help to get off the street and change their lives.

If you can help:

  • Please send monetary donations c/o Richmond Food Bank Society, #100-5800 Cedarbridge Way, Richmond, V6X 2A7. Make cheque payable to Homeless Connect.
  • We also need volunteers to help with this event. If you are interested in helping please send an email to Harry at
  • For more information contact