Why vote yes in Vancouver Transit and Transportation Referendum

The transportation referendum for Metro Vancouver is taking place March 16 to May 29.

Some key facts about what will happen with the money collected from the proposed 0.5 per cent sales tax to fund transit system improvements:

  • Increasing service on SkyTrain, Canada Line, Westcoast Express, SeaBus, HandyDART and NightBus service
  • Adding 25 per cent more bus service plus 11 new rapid bus routes
  • Building the Broadway Subway
  • Building Light Rail Transit (LRT) for Surrey and Langley
  • Expanding the region’s cycling and pedestrian walkway network
  • Maintaining and upgrading the region’s major roads
  • Building a new Pattullo Bridge

Looking for more reasons on why you should vote yes? Please see below:

Infographic from Leadnow:

Leadnow Vancouver Transportation Referendum infographic

Why Vote Yes video by Metro Vancouver Alliance: www.facebook.com/video.php?v=779090712180966

Post on Policy Note’s website: www.policynote.ca/why-were-voting-yes-to-new-transit-and-transportation-funding

Prospective voters need to register online before casting a ballot by mail. Click here to sign up.