Op-ed on B.C.’s community poverty reduction strategies

Shared by our friends at First Call: BC Child and Youth Advocacy Coalition:

We wanted to bring to your attention an Op-ed by Adrienne on behalf of First Call that was published in the Vancouver Sun about the province’s “community poverty reduction strategies.”

You can read it here and I have also pasted the full text at the bottom of this email.

We would appreciate your help in sharing it with your membership and networks.

 We also wanted to encourage you, if you haven’t already, to support Bill M212: Poverty Reduction and Economic Inclusion Act.  We encourage you to send a support letter on behalf of your organization. You can read a copy of our support letter here, and for more inspiration, they’ve collected the letters from other organizations here (scroll down). You can also sign and share their Email the Premier tool with your members and networks through your e-newsletters, social media networks and more. Check out the Poverty Reduction Coalition website for other ways to get the Poverty Reduction Act passed in the BC legislature.