Help protect our agricultural lands

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Here is a message from the Richmond Food Security Society regarding Bill 24, the Agricultural land Commission Amendment Act.

Act Now to Protect B.C.’s Farmlands! Ask Premier Clark to Reconsider Bill 24

The Agricultural Land Commission and Reserve was created in 1973 to protect B.C.’s dwindling supply of agricultural land. In the ensuing 40 years, it has been recognized and celebrated around the world as a forward-thinking and effective planning tool.

Recently, the provincial government has proposed changes that would weaken the role of the Agricultural Land Commission and, accordingly, agricultural land protection.

This coming Monday, May 26, the BC legislature will debate a motion that would refer Bill 24 for public consultation. That could lead to a better law or to Bill 24 being withdrawn. You can easily ask the premier for that. Just go to the “Hands off our food security” page at West Coast Environmental Law.

Scroll down past the helpful description to fill in the online form. When you type your postal code, it even finds your MLA, who will receive a copy.

On the form, you can use the standard message or adapt it. Remember to click the “Submit” button at the end. West Coast Environmental Law takes care of the rest, including sending your message to the premier and others.

West Coast Environmental Law sometimes shares statistical summaries too.

For more knowledge, refer to Bill 24 on the Garden City Conservation blog. In addition, to phone or write any MLA, go to the MLA finder. Please send a message asking them to vote against Bill 24, the Agricultural Land Commission Amendment Act. For Green Party leader Adam Olson, go to his blog. Please act today and share widely with your networks!