Richmond City Council approves PRC submission on non-market housing for staff report

Good news! On July 11, Richmond city councillors unanimously approved a referral for a staff report on all three recommendations from the Richmond PRC’s submission on non-market housing. City staff has been tasked to perform research and produce a report, which should be presented to council in the fall following the Oct. 15 municipal election. … Read more

Density, condos and housing affordability

How is it that we have seen a non-stop construction boom in Vancouver over the past decade-plus and yet we still have huge homelessness and affordable housing problems? This is a question posed and explored by writer Marc Lee in an article on Policy Note. Below is an excerpt from the piece. It varies cyclically but … Read more

On the Path to Better Health

The BC Healthy Living Alliance (BCHLA), a group of organizations that have come together with a mission to improve the health of British Columbians, released a report yesterday titled On the Path to Better Health. Examining trends over the last 10 years in the province with regards to chronic disease, it highlights items such as a … Read more

Charity is only a band-aid solution

Local activist and Richmond PRC supporter King-mong Chan recently wrote a letter on the ever-important issue of housing that was published in both the Richmond News and the Richmond Review. You can read it in full HERE or by clicking the links below.