Submission to Select Standing Committee on Health

The Richmond Poverty Response Committee made a submission to the B.C. Government Select Standing Committee on Health last week to close out 2014. In it, we provide information on the effects of poverty on health and address the issue of sustainable health care.

Here is an overview of the report:

This is what we know about poverty in Richmond, based on the work we have done within our community and input from our members working with people living in poverty. Note the population of Richmond is about 200,000 residents.

  • 22% of population of Richmond are low-income
  • 25% of children under 18 live in poverty
  • First Call Child Poverty Report Card mapped two Richmond neighbourhoods with over 40% of children living in poverty
  • 19% of seniors live in poverty
  • Richmond numbers are not available but in BC one third of recent immigrants fall below the poverty line
  • First Call Child Poverty Report Card identified a growing level of income inequality with 50% of BC families in low-income receiving 25% of the total income and the richest 10% of families receiving 24% of the total income

View the full submission here.

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