Richmond Advocacy and Support Committee public forum June 26

note taking

Greetings Friends of the Richmond Poverty Response Committee:

You are cordially invited to a special public forum on Tuesday June 26, details are attached.

Our project, called  “Communities Mobilizing for Justice-Addressing Poverty through Dialogue to Action”  has created a space for lived experience experts (the Richmond Advocacy and Support Committee) to learn and practice speaking out on issues that affect them daily. Since January they have been learning self-advocacy and leadership skills through art and literacy, thanks to generous funding from the Vancouver Foundation, Richmond Community Foundation, the City of Richmond and Literacy Richmond.

The group has chosen to focus this public forum on one of their most pressing issues, housing and homelessness. They are especially interested in having local decision makers and service providers in the audience as they present their findings and tell their stories. We hope you can come.

On a related note, the RASC group is presenting a dress rehearsal on Monday June 18 at Richmond Caring Place from 6.30 to 9 p.m. If you can’t make it on the 26th, please consider coming then. RSVP to