Join the Richmond LEMR postcard campaign

postcard and envelope

What is LEMR?

LEMR stands for Low End Market Rental. This term is used by the City of Richmond and others to categorize units that will be rented at a rate below market value, and is part of the city’s affordable housing strategy. However, it is not sufficiently effective as these units may not be rented out to the people who need them the most. Currently, there is no accountability or visibility on the program — therefore, it is difficult to discern whether the program is successful, or how to improve it.

Take action

Richmond Residents ~ Join the postcard campaign by downloading the postcard and following the instructions. One postcard per person please.

  1. Print page 2 of the document leaving the page break as located.
  2. Complete the signature block and add your address in the designated area; then place in a stamped envelope with the address as indicated on the postcard and drop it of at a Canada Post mail box.
  3. Please try to complete within one week of the campaign launch date so that there is a concentration of requests to City Hall for changes to the LEMR program.

For more information on LEMR. download the fact sheet at: (Item number 4).