Join dialogue around mobility pricing in Metro Vancouver

Take part in an SFU-hosted dialogue session around mobility pricing across Metro Vancouver.  What is meant by mobility pricing is the idea that the user pays to move around — the longer the distance the higher the cost. For instance, Richmond transit riders pay for two to three zones to get into Vancouver by SkyTrain, whereas a rider going a long distance from Burnaby to Vancouver pays for only one zone. Mobility pricing also applies to drivers. Current tax schemes use gas taxes for transit, but EV drivers do not contribute even though they are using the same roads. This dialogue session is to hear your ideas and concerns about this notion that is new to BC but not new around the world.

On March 9, there is an event specific to residents from Richmond, South Delta and Tsawwassen and registration is open now. Honorariums are provided for individuals who face financial barriers to participation: up to $120 to those in need, no questions asked, and up to $60 is also available for reimbursing those who require child/eldercare in order to attend. Please see the poster above for more information.