How you can help

From time to time, issues surface that impact the less fortunate in our community. Making the public aware of these issues and helping all levels of government make an informed decision is an important part of our work. Letters to the editor of the local newspapers and to our community’s elected officials are encouraged. To be informed of current events, check our home page frequently.


Richmond News
5731 No. 3 Rd.
Richmond, B.C. V6X 2C9
Tel: (604) 270-8032 (newsroom)
Fax: (604) 270-2248
Editor:  Eve Edmonds

Ming Pao Daily News
5368 Parkwood Pl.
Phone: (604) 231-8991
Fax: (604) 231-9881

Mayor and Council
City of Richmond
6911 No. 3 Rd.
Richmond, British Columbia V6Y 2C1
Phone: (604) 276-4000
Fax: (604) 278-5139


MLA Honourable John Yap
MLA for Richmond – Steveston
125 – 3900 Steveston Hwy.
Richmond, BC V7E 2K2
Phone: (604) 241-8452
Fax: (604) 241-8493

MLA Honourable Linda Reid
MLA for Richmond East
130-8040 Garden City Rd.
Richmond, BC V6Y 2N9
Phone: (604) 775-0891
Fax: (604) 775-0999

MLA Honourable Olga Ilich
MLA for Richmond Centre
300-8120 Granville Ave.
Richmond, BC V6Y 1P3
Phone: (604) 775-0754
Fax: (604) 775-0898


MP Honourable Raymond Chan
MP for Richmond
308-4940 No 3 Rd.
Richmond, BC V6X 3A5
Phone: (604) 775-5790
Fax: (604) 775-6291

MP Honourable John Cummins
MP for Delta-Richmond East
4871 Delta St.
Delta, BC V4K 2T9
Phone: (604) 940-8040
Fax: (604) 940-8041