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Weekly Richmond PRC pandemic update round-up

13 May 2020 No Comment

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Believe it or not, it has been nearly two months since the Government of British Columbia officially declared a Provincial State of Emergency in response to the current pandemic. As we learn to deal with this “new normal,” there are services continually being established to support particularly the vulnerable population. Organizations are also seeking input on how the general public is dealing with the novel coronavirus. As the situation continues to involve, we will provide weekly updates on availability of the above (a big thanks to all our contributors!). Please also see the Richmond PRC COVID-19 resource guide for more information.

Week of May 25

-> Free Community Meals and Food Bank (Thanks to Susan Johnsen and Hajira Hussain):
Community meals are all take away:
Tuesday dinner: St. Alban’s
Wednesday dinner: Church on Five
Thursday dinner: Church on Five (Thanks to Ian Lai and the Richmond Food Security team for preparing the Thursday meals).
Friday lunch: St. Alban’s
The Food Bank also continues to deliver food hampers to shut-ins. Please call 604.271.5609 to register.

-> Richmond Homeless Connect (Thanks to Sherrie Mogg and Deb Turner):
Please let people you know could use an extra $200 to apply to the RHC Relief Fund. Just let them know the following: they must be a Richmond resident, be referred by a local agency/ faith community and have no other source for their specific need. Note: these are one-time-only grants. For more information and to apply please email richmondcommunityconnects@gmail.com or call 604.279.7134.

-> City of Richmond (Thanks to Lesley Sherlock and Cody Spencer):

A new facility for our homeless folks has opened at last! The Richmond Emergency Response Centre (ERC) operated by Turning Point Recovery Society, is “a safe, self-isolating option for individuals in Richmond experiencing homelessness.” You can read more at https://www.richmond.ca/__shared/assets/ERC-facts56275.pdf Please find referral form (fillable pdf) attached, and circulate to your networks.

-> Richmond Division of Family Practice (Thanks to Alan Hill):

Do you have COVID related issues coming from your clients/customers/community that our Richmond Primary Care Network (PCN) should be aware of and/or can assist with? The PCN team consists of primary care clinicians (social workers, registered nurses, and occupational therapists), chronic disease nurses, mental health practitioners, and more. The phone support service is available in a number of community language. Call 604.278.9711 ext 4153.

-> City of Richmond (Thanks to Lesley Sherlock)

Restoring Richmond Plan: The City Services Restoration Plan consists of five steps. The timing and order of each step, and the restoration of individual programs and services is subject to change as the COVID-19 pandemic evolves. This plan assumes that there is no setback in the collective societal progress to flatten the curve of infections. https://www.richmond.ca/__shared/assets/restoring-richmond-plan56277.PDF

-> BC Government:
A partnership between the BC and Federal government has released funds so that over a quarter million workers will get temporary ‘pandemic pay.’ They will receive the payment directly through their employers and do not need to apply. This pay is available to people working in health, social service and correction facilities. See link for more information:

-> Vancouver Coastal Health (Thanks to Community Engagement Advisory Network):
Virtual Town Hall tonight May 25th at 7.15 pm. Join guests VCH CEO Mary Ackenhusen, Dr. Patricia Daley and MLA’s George Chow and Teresa Wat to ask questions about COVID 19, BC’s Restart Plan and BC’s Surgical Renewal Plan. Watch live on the Government of BC Facebook page on Monday, May 25 at 7:15-8:15 PM PDT, or on our YouTube channel. Learn more and submit your questions in advance at at: www.gov.bc.ca/covid19townhalls. You may also submit questions via comment during the Facebook livestream.

-> Richmond Multicultural Community Services (RMCS) (Thanks to Parm Grewal):
You are welcome to join our Settlers group on Facebook! Please email us at info@rmcs.bc.ca to let us know what topics would you like to hear about! ‘Like’ our Facebook page and join the program. This week includes: “How to spend smart and avoid stress shopping during COVID 19.”
English Conversation Classes, Low-income Tax Clinic, Women’s and seniors groups continue to be delivered virtually. Settlement and employment services continue to be provided by phone and email.

-> Richmond Women’s Resource Centre (Thanks to Jessica Liu):

Our weekly schedule includes Zoom classes in Zumba/Toning, Intermediate English Conversation Class and Basic English Conversation. Any woman can join for $40/ year and participate in our programs. FYI – if Zoom is new to you, here is an YouTube video about how to use Zoom: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kh50kVaIdAY Please feel free to contact me at 604.279.7060 if you have any questions.

-> City of Richmond (Thanks to Lesley Sherlock):

The public can now participate in City of Richmond Council meetings via telephone following implementation of a new access system for video meetings. For more information please see news release attached.

-> City of Richmond (Thanks to Heather Muter):

Please find attached, a useful resource list, this one regarding crisis line and counselling services for Richmond residents. And another attached, for non-profits and vulnerable populations.

-> Richmond News (Thanks to Richmond Rotary):

The Rotary Richmond Foundation has delivered 1,800 face masks to Richmond Transit Centre, 900 to Pathway Clubhouse and 700 to Family Services of Greater Vancouver. In total, RRF are dispersing 7,000 disposable mask donations to different community service organizations across the province.

->Salt Spring Forum (Thanks to The Tyee):
Here is a thought provoking interview with two doctors, Dr. Kevin Patterson and former federal minister of Health, Jane Philpott. The discussion is a reality check, reminding us of the ongoing risks and vulnerabilities that will be with us for at least the next few years. See:

-> Prompton Real Estate Services (Thanks to Monica Geyser):
Prompton wants the PRC to let everyone know applications are now open for their affordable housing 2 bedrooms: www.prompton.com/concord-gardens-affordable-housing These units are under the City’s Affordable Housing Strategy and rent is $1575/ month. Please note: Applicants must also hold a stable income and have a decent credit rating.

Week of May 18

BC Alliance for Arts & Culture (Thanks to Brenda Leadlay):
In response to the racist graffiti at Vancouver’s Chinese Cultural Centre, on May 11th artist Ziyian Kwan performed a peaceful dance action “in solidarity against racist aggression.” Unlike most of her public performances, Kwan asked the public to stay away from the site. “I will feel your solidarity from afar. From the ashes of hatred and fear, a phoenix rises, and it is love,” she posted on Facebook on the weekend. See Georgia Strait article: Ziyian Kwan Dances Peaceful Protest in Response to Racist Graffiti at Chinese Cultural Centre

-> Free Community Meals and Food Bank (Thanks to Susan Johnsen and Hajira Hussain):
Community meals are all take away:
Tuesday dinner: St. Alban’s
Wednesday dinner: Church on Five
Thursday dinner: Church on Five (Thanks to Ian Lai and the Richmond Food Security team for preparing the Thursday meals).
Friday lunch: St. Alban’s
The Food Bank also continues to deliver food hampers to shut-ins. Please call 604.271.5609 to register.

-> Richmond Homeless Connect (Thanks to Morgan Meloche and Deb Turner):
We are still taking applications for our Relief Fund. To date all applicants have received grants! To apply you must be a Richmond resident, be referred by a local agency or faith community representative and have exhausted other sources of funds. Grants for up to $200 are one-time-only. For more information and to apply please email richmondcommunityconnects@gmail.com or call 604.279.7134.

->Richmond Public Library (Thanks to Winifred Chong):
RPL offers a Device Clinic Monday to Friday 10 am – 12 pm to provide one-on-one technology help. Do you have questions about using your laptop, smartphone, e-reader or tablet? Get 1-on-1 assistance from a library staff member over the phone. To schedule your 20-minute appointment, please call 778-837-6896 or email https://rpl.yourlibrary.ca/account/ask_us

-> Richmond Multicultural Community Services (RMCS) (Thanks to Parm Grewal):
We have noticed more and more people are joining our Settlers group on Facebook! Please email us at info@rmcs.bc.ca to let us know what topics would you like to hear about! ‘Like’ our Facebook page and join the program. This week includes: “How We can Keep our Children Busy during COVID,” and “Body Language, How it Shapes You.” English Conversation Classes, Low-income Tax Clinic, Women’s and seniors groups continue to be delivered virtually. Settlement and employment services continue to be provided by phone and email.

-> City of Richmond (Thanks to Lesley Sherlock):
Please see the following News Release regarding a new City Community Safety App which we hope you and your networks will find useful See document attached: CITYHALL-#6442568-v4.

-> Community Engagement Advisory Network – CEAN (Thanks to Saori Yamamoto):
Dr. Bonnie Henry and the BCCDC are doing a population health survey. Please participate and forward the link to others. You can find it at: http://www.bccdc.ca/health-info/diseases-conditions/covid-19/covid-19-survey. It is open until May 31st and takes 10-15 minutes to complete. It is in English and Traditional Chinese; guides are also available in other languages. Getting accurate information could really help out recovery efforts as well as better understanding the impacts of COVID-19 (social, economic, mental wellness and community wellness).

-> Vantage Point (Thanks to Saffina Jinnah):
A report released by partners Vantage Point, Vancouver Foundation and the Victoria Foundation, “No Immunity – BC Non-Profits and the Impacts of COVID 19” details the state of the not-for-profit sector during the pandemic. Using survey data from 1119 non-profits in BC, the report highlights the realities for the sector right now (including that almost 20% of organizations think they will need to shut down), as well as some calls to action. Please circulate widely, we need to consider the future of our work in the community. See full report here: https://www.thevantagepoint.ca/blog/no-immunity-impacts-covid-19-our-sector

-> Social Planning and Research Council of BC (SPARC BC) (Thanks to Lorraine Copas):
Vulnerable people, including people experiencing homelessness, will have better access to services through smartphones distributed by the social service organizations that support them, thanks to SPARC BC and the ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction. See more about the good work SPARC BC does here: https://www.sparc.bc.ca/

-> Pathways Clubhouse and Kehila Society (Thanks to Dave MacDonald and Lynne Fader):
We are excited to be the recipients in the PORCHpics Project Richmond 2020. PORCHpics is a unique project that captures family moments to create positive memories in these unusual times. Three professional photographers have volunteered their time to photograph your family in front of your home (in a very safe way) at a suggested minimum donation of $54. Please promote to your colleagues, friends and family to help support both agencies with much needed program funds. For more information, please find the attached flyer.

-> Richmond Kids Service Finder (Thanks to Lesley Sherlock):
The new Richmond Kids Service Finder is a great on-line tool to find the services for kids, available at www.richmondkids.ca Please forward to friends, family, colleagues circulate. Also see link to the recording of the introductory session that was held a few weeks back.

-> Richmond Arts Coalition (Thanks to Andrew Wade):
Congratulations to Branscombe House artist-in-residence Lou Sheppard, who won a prestigious Sobey Art Award this month! https://canadianart.ca/news/sobey-art-award-gives-longlisted-artists-25000-each-and-cancels-single-winner-approach-for-2020/. Lou has written an essay acknowledging the win while pondering the culture of exceptionalism in the arts (and discussing Richmond’s snow geese at the same time!). It’s well worth a read: https://canadianart.ca/essays/pan-demic-all-people/

-> LinkedIn. com (Thanks to LinkedIn Editors feed):
For those of us (most of us!) who are now conducting virtual meetings, here is a quick guide to making these meetings worthwhile. Things like: keeping the meeting short, 25 min; drafting an Agenda based on questions needing answers (instead of the go-to stale topics). A good read, see link:

-> Government of Canada:
As a Canadian employer (including non-profits) whose business has been affected by COVID-19, you may be eligible for a wage subsidy of 75% for up to 24 weeks, retroactive from March 15, 2020, to August 29, 2020. This wage subsidy will enable you to re-hire workers laid off as a result of COVID-19 and better position you to resume normal operations following the crisis. See link: https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/subsidy/emergency-wage-subsidy.html

Week of May 11

-> Firstly, from Richmond Arts Coalition’s excellent newsletter (Thanks to Andrew Wade):
This week, the biggest news is BC’s Restart Plan. It’s a hopeful model to move forward with, but it is not an open policy to return back to full socializing and business as usual. Let’s continue to be courteous and considerate with our physical distancing. Be responsible in keeping your household’s bubble small and keeping our contacts to 60% or less (when compared to how life was in ‘the before times’). Even at 60%, an uptick in cases of COVID-19 is expected, see: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/safety/emergency-preparedness-response-recovery/covid-19-provincial-support/bc-restart-plan

-> Free Community Meals and Food Bank (Thanks to Susan Johnsen and Hajira Hassain):
No changes from last week. St. Alban’s Tuesday dinner, Church on Five Wednesday dinner, St. Alban’s Friday lunch. The Food Bank will deliver food hampers, just call 604.271.5609.

-> Richmond Food Bank (Thanks to Stephanie Shulhan):
The Richmond Food Bank is looking for clean (used is OK) shopping bags to pack vegetables for distribution. If you have a surplus of bags from your grocery store, please consider delivering them to the food bank. An RFB volunteer is also looking for donations of buttons for masks and mask extenders for health care workers. If you have any buttons (1/2 to 3/4 ” size) please contact me at stephanie@richmondfoodbank.org

-> Kehila Society (Thanks to Lynne Fader):
In our community we are delivering meals to individuals who are shut in and in need of food subsistence. If any of you know of anyone who could benefit from this please let me know and we can add them to our list. In addition if there is any way we can assist any of your organizations we are happy to, just email me at lfader@kehilasociety.org

-> Vancity Richmond Branch (Thanks to Eleanor Wong):
A business associate of Vancity that typically caters to large groups are now looking to pivot their business by offering meal service to any charities in Richmond that are in need and could benefit. Please contact me at eleanor_wong@vancity.com

-> Richmond Multicultural Community Services (RMCS) (Thanks to Parm Grewal):
English Conversation Classes, Women’s and seniors groups are being delivered virtually as is the Low income tax clinic. Settlement and employment services continue to be provided by phone and email. ‘Like’ their Facebook page and join their programs, this week includes: How to Make your Voice Matter: the Art of Conversation, and Building a Healthy Relationship with your Spouse (not mutually exclusive!)

->City of Richmond (Thanks to Lesley Sherlock):
Please see attached, an updated Richmond Affordable Housing Guide and circulate to your networks. This complete guide includes sections on: non-market rental housing, housing co-operatives and low end market rental units all located in Richmond.

->City of Richmond (Thanks to Serena Lusk):
The City of Richmond has launched a new hub for community events and programs in Richmond. Visit www.richmond.ca/connects for virtual activities related to physical activity, sport, arts, and heritage, in addition to wellness resources and creative stay-at-home challenges for all ages. And don’t forget, if you are posting a photo or video of how you’re connecting at home, be sure to share it online using the hashtag #RichmondConnects

-> Richmond Arts Coalition (Thanks to Andrew Wade):
Former Branscombe House Artist-In-Residence Keely O’Brien is looking for public participation in a community art project, where she will be creating illustrations representing places that participants feel they have left or lost. Keely was a huge asset for the PRC’s project in Art Literacy and Leadership “From Dialogue to Action” where she led us in creating an art installation called, “Home is…” If you’d like to be a part of Keely’s project, check it out here: www.keelyobrien.ca/the-place-we-left.html

Week of May 4

-> First of all, the week of May 4th is Mental Health Awareness Week. Hon. Judy Darcy, Minister of Mental Health & Addictions has the opinion piece in the Province today, see: https://theprovince.com/category/opinion

-> Richmond Cares Richmond Gives (Thanks to Ed Gavsie)
In BC, May is Caregiver Awareness Month. And so we’d like to recognize and thank the many caregivers throughout Richmond who are supporting a spouse, older adult parent, family member, friend, or neighbour. The work of our caregivers is especially important during this time.

-> Community Meals and Food Bank (Thanks to Hajira Hussain and Wayne Masing):
There have been no changes since last week. Tues. dinner at St. Alban’s and Wed. dinner at Church on Five; Fri. lunch at St. Alban’s. No meals at Gilmore Park United. Some families and agencies do not know that the Food Bank will deliver food hampers. Please pass around this information.

-> Coming Together Richmond Facebook group (Thanks to Karina Reid):
We wanted you to know that our group has been targeted by scammers. The Richmond Sentinel notes the CTR administrator Ainsley Cook said, “(The scammers) are aware that people are in a giving mood and there’s an increasing need. They’re sneaking into this niche and taking advantage of people’s generosity, kindness and compassion.” CTR has decided to refer people on to local agencies such as the Food Bank, Nova Transition House and the Chimo crisis line, as these agencies are equipped to deal with these issues.

-> Richmond Homeless Connect Relief Fund (Thanks to Sherrie Mogg):
We are still taking applications for our emergency relief fund. Applicants must be referred by local agency staff or a faith community representative and must have exhausted other sources of income. We can give out a maximum one-time payment of $200. For more information email Sherrie at: richmondcommunityconnects@gmail.com

-> Food Mesh (Thanks to Maria Verdicchio):
The City of Richmond and Food Mesh are partnering to build a food recovery network and reduce food waste, by connecting farmers to distributors to consumers. Find out more at https://foodmesh.ca/richmond/

-> National Chew On This Campaign (Thanks to Deneanne Quamme):
Organizations and individuals all over Canada are writing to the federal government to tell them we need an end to poverty. Take Action!

  1. Send a copy of the attached letter to your local MP.
    If you’re emailing it, please cc Ahmed.Hussen@parl.gc.ca and justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca, as well as dignity@dignityforall.ca
  2. Spread the word on social media! Be sure to tag your local MP.
    #ChewOnThis check-in: The federal government must respond to crises of #COVID19 with immediate & long-term solutions to #endpoverty in Canada. @DignityForAllCA @CanadianPM @HonAhmedHussen #cdnpoli

-> Richmond Salvation Army (Thanks to Florence Yau, chair of S. A. Community Council):
The Salvation Army Richmond Community Church continues to provide emergency food hampers to families in need while adhering to the measures of social distancing. If you know anyone who needs assistance, please contact Don Lee at 604.277.2424 (press 2). Richmond House Homeless Shelter is operating at full capacity – 30 beds – with some responsible access policies in place.

-> Richmond Multicultural Community Services (RMCS) (Thanks to Parm Grewal):
English Conversation Classes, Women’s and seniors groups are being delivered virtually as is the Low income tax clinic. Settlement and employment services continue to be provided by phone and email . ‘Like’ their Facebook page and join their programs, this week includes: Government Tips and Benefits for Healthy Living, and Art Therapy.

-> Richmond Cares Richmond Gives (Thanks to Carol Dickson):
Seniors Community Support Services are available to any older adult in Richmond who’s providing informal care to a loved one. To register for one or more of the services call 604-279-7020 or e-mail caregivernavigator@rcrg.org Note that, during this period, there is no delivery fee for groceries, frozen meals, or prescriptions.

-> Richmond Centre for Disability (Thanks to Ella Huang):
IL Canada COVID-19 Survey for People with Disabilities: We invite you to take this survey, its purpose is to understand the concerns you may have as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey takes about 10 minutes and all respondents to the survey will be anonymous. Statistical results from the survey will be useful to all Independent Living Centres, of which RCD is one, across Canada, and in particular, Canadians living with a disability. See link for the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NZFF7NF

-> Jewish Addiction Community Services (JACS) (Thanks to Karen Wighton and the RCSAC):
JACS provides Mental health and addictions services in Metro Vancouver including Richmond. We have online groups and are staying connected to those individuals in recovery and family members. If you would like to join us, please email info@jacsvancouver.com

-> Building Hope 2020 Housing Forum (Thanks to Deb Turner):
FYI, the PRC has been working with the City of Richmond to co-host a one-day public forum on Housing. We are planning a number of workshops on affordable housing, purpose-build rentals, revenue sources, innovative projects, best practices in other cities, etc. Unfortunately it looks like the public forum will be delayed and we’re not sure until when. Stay tuned to the PRC e-list and we will let you know what’s happening.

-> Richmond Mental Health Consumers & Friends (RCFC) (Thanks to Cory Tymich and Jenn):
Try whipping up this smoothie, see attached: Jenn’s Healthy Drink.

-> City of Richmond (Thanks to Heather Muter):
From the International Federation on Aging, an excellent resource: COVID 19 resources for older adults. See link:

-> Richmond Arts Coalition (Thanks to Andrew Wade):
Wise words from Andrew in our Arts community: “Please continue physical distancing and follow the advice of our Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry. On Monday we should get word of our province’s plan for moving forward in the pandemic. Also, I’m told the almost-to-your-brain nasal swab testing experience for COVID-19 isn’t exactly pleasant, so best to stay safe and avoid dangerous situations. If you’re like me, you’re feeling the ‘allostatic load’ see: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/n7jap8/allostatic-load-is-the-reason-you-feel-anxious-stressed-from-isolation as the situation continues. Be kind to yourself.”

->BC Alliance for Arts and Culture (Thanks to Brenda Leadlay):
It seems that art and artists can teach us a lot during this time. “Art in the Time of COVID” – Have you heard of the “Art at Home Challenge?”
The Getty Museum in Los Angeles is asking people to replicate famous works of art at home during quarantine, and the results are pretty great. Check out some samples here and here. There was a really good one replicating Picasso’s Guernica that I can’t find right now. If you come across, send it to us at https://www.allianceforarts.com/

-> Government Benefits and Supplements (Thanks again to Andrew Wade and the RAC):
BC Emergency Benefit for Workers: If you were eligible for CERB you can apply for a one-time $1000 in aid from the BC government. See
The third/next 28-day CERB period starts next Sunday, May 10th. If that applies to you, consider applying then: https://www.canada.ca/en/services/benefits/ei/cerb-application.html
I’m hearing that BC Temporary Rental Supplements are getting approved and going through. Also an option for removing $300-$500 from your monthly bill: https://bchousing.org/bctrs. One tip: Since the CERB doesn’t come with any paperwork, they’re accepting screenshots of online bank transfers as proof.

Week of April 27

-> Richmond Homeless (Community) Connect (Thanks to Deb Turner):
The RHC/ RCC working group has approved three applications for basic needs and are inviting more applicants! Applicants must be in immediate need, be referred by a service agency or faith group, and must have exhausted other sources of income. The fund can provide an applicant up to $200. Please see application form attached or contact richmondcommunityconnects@gmail.com for more information.

-> Richmond Family Place (Thanks to Ruth Taverner):
We are offering our services remotely with a skeleton staff at the Ash Street office M-Sat with all other staff working from home. Our daily Facebook Live Stream Circle activities are 3 times a week. See schedule at: https://www.facebook.com/richmondfamilyplace/.
We have started virtual parent groups to bring families together and we call all our families weekly and survey them to find out their needs and see how they are doing. We will call any family with children 0-6 yrs. old who need some support. Just have them email, call or FB message us.

-> Richmond Food Security Society (Thanks to Ian Lai):
Kids Meals: Ensuring that the most vulnerable in our community get support right now, we are collaborating with the Richmond School Board and their FeedUCate program to deliver food to school kids in need. Read the article from the Richmond Sentinel here.

-> Richmond Public Health Services (Thanks to Anne Swan):
The Institute for Sustainable Food Systems (ISFS) at Kwantlen Polytechnic University is conducting a survey of adult residents in BC to understand the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the consumer’s food experience. Richmond Health Services will have access to this data so our goal is to get people living in Richmond to fill out the survey. The survey will be open for several weeks. Please see/ share the link with potential survey participants. https://www.surveymonkey.ca/r/food_during_C19_Metro_Vancouver

-> Richmond Public Library (Thanks to Winfred Chong and Kate Adams):
Richmond Public Library is here for you! All RPL branches, dispensers and book drops are temporarily closed but we are still here to answer your questions M-F from 9-4.30 pm. You can phone or email us, access our online resources and attend online programs. Please see poster attached, to e-post and forward. You can also get a library card on line. No ID will be required and the expiry date will be in 3 months. See link: https://rpl.yourlibrary.ca/library_card

-> Richmond City Hall (Thanks to Cllr. Carol Day):
Richmond will follow the Provincial and Federal guidelines and as soon as we can open public spaces we will. But right now we still have problems with some people ignoring the rules so staff are going out talking with people about social distancing. See various events/ services online at:

-> City of Richmond (Thanks to Lesley Sherlock):
You know doubt heard about this good news from the Federal Government on Relief for Charities serving vulnerable populations. Implementation partners including United Way Canada will have further information in the coming days.
Also, please find attached an information sheet and link for employers about applying for the Wage Subsidy, ca-employers-prepare-to-apply. Finally, please see the attached COVID-19 Seniors Resource Guide and circulate to your networks.

-> Youth Week May 1-7th with City of Richmond (Thanks to Alan Hill):
To ensure youth connections continue to happen during the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Richmond and Community Association and Societies are inviting Richmond’s youth to participate in a week of virtual events found at www.richmond.ca/youthweek

-> Richmond Women’s Resource Centre (Thanks to Florence Yau):
Currently, we are offering these programs online: English Conversation, Dance and Tone, Grandmothers support group (via chat group and telephone), Richmond Shares. We can be reached by email at office.rwrc@shawcable.com. Please visit our website for updates and details of programs and services offered as we continue to look into new ideas.

-> Richmond Arts Coalition (Thanks to Andrew Wade):
If you have received the CERB for the March 15 to April 11 period, remember that you need to apply again for the April 12 to May 9th cycle if you want to receive it for that time frame! You can do so here: https://www.canada.ca/en/services/benefits/ei/cerb-application.html

-> Richmond Multicultural Community Services (RMCS) (Thanks to Parm Grewal):
‘Like’ their Facebook page and join their programs, this week includes: Beauty Hacks for Women Working from Home and, When your Home is a Battle Zone – Conflict Management.

-> SUCCESS (Thanks to Sandra McPeake):
Update from SUCCESS Richmond Language Services Sites on Alexandra Rd. We are online! CLB Levels 1 to 8, everyone is learning so much – staff and clients together. Our office is closed but services are a go! See: https://www.successbc.ca/eng/

-> BC Government Programs/ Services re: COVID 19 April 2020:
Please see attached document with all the information and links in one place.

->CRA Federal Government Support for Individuals:
Handy guide including information on CERB, Income tax, GST refunds, etc. See attached document COVID 19 Government of Canada…

Week of April 20

->Community Meals & Food Bank (Thanks to Hajira Hussain and Susan Johnsen):
No change since last week. Gilmore Park (Thurs meal) is closed. But St. Alban’s (Tues evening and Fri lunch) and Church on Five (Wed evening) are providing free take-away hot meals. Food Bank hampers are available, please call 604.271.5609.

-> Richmond Centre for Disability (Thanks to Ella Huang):
Starting April 20th and in order to maintain contact with members, staff will take phone calls from 11-2 Monday to Friday. Feel free to call us for any questions regarding our services and programs, disability-related resources and information, any assistance you may need during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our phone number is 604-232-2404.

-> Richmond Multicultural Community Services (RMCS) (Thanks to Parm Grewal):
‘Like’ their Facebook page and join their programs, this week includes: Health & Safety Checklist for Volunteers during COVID, How to Avoid Burnout and Psychological Coping.

-> Family Services of Greater Vancouver (Thanks to Patricia Steiner)
Now, with the stress of the COVID-19 crisis impacting vulnerable families, the work of FSGV is more important than ever. From single parents to newcomers, seniors and students, FSGV staff help people from every walk of life navigate new government benefits, develop budgets and debt management plans in order to ensure their immediate and long-term financial wellness. Free, online, one-on-one financial coaching is available to those who need support during this uncertain time.

-> Disability Foundation (Thanks to George Pope):
The Disability Foundation reminds us that people with disabilities are members of the vulnerable population and are often forgotten when it comes to providing supports and protections. They did a survey and their initial findings from 73 respondents indicate:

  • 67% feel its extremely important to recognize that people with disabilities are members of the vulnerable population, and require government support and protection that addresses/responds to this
  • 71% indicated they are extremely concerned about having difficulty accessing groceries and nutrition
  • 56% identified challenges to accessing medications, health services and facilities

-> Richmond Cares Richmond Gives (Thanks to Ed Gavsie):
Individuals can apply for a Responsive Neighbourhood Small Grant up to $500! The COVID-19 crisis has us living through a unique time, and we are finding new ways to forge connections and mitigate social isolation. That’s where Responsive Neighbourhood Small Grants come in. Responsive NSG projects must adhere to physical distancing guidelines. This means they can only be carried out by individuals or family members from the same household, and must take place as close as possible to your own home.

The program has two goals: to ease the social isolation of vulnerable people, and to facilitate the online exchange and sharing of local assets, skills, and resources. Some ideas for projects: distribute care packages to seniors in your neighbourhood, organize an online workshop, focusing on storytelling, or cooking, or meditation, or yoga. You can be creative! See more at: https://neighbourhoodsmallgrants.ca/our-grants/neighbourhood-small-grants/

-> Richmond Cares Richmond Gives (Thanks to Carol Dickson):
Are you a senior who is self-isolating due to COVID19? You can call 211 or go to www.bc211.ca now. This service is available to anyone over 65. See poster attached for more information, you can e-post and forward as needed.

-> Emergency Child Care for Essential Service Workers (Thanks to Alan Hill):
We wanted to provide you all with an update regarding emergency child care for essential service workers in Richmond. Please share this information widely and feel free to reach out if you, or any ESW’s you are in contact with, require additional information or support. The attached poster has been updated and can be printed and posted in worksites as appropriate. Information regarding access to these spaces will be on the Richmond Child Care Resource and Referral website at: https://rcrg.org/WhatWeDo/RCRGPrograms/child-care-resource-referral-centre

-> BC government support assistance for students (Thanks to Lesley Sherlock):
More online options for students to support social, emotional well-being
New, free virtual educational programs for students, parents and educators are supporting social and emotional well-being as part of navigating the new world of remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

-> Richmond Division of Family Practice (Thanks to Alan Hill):
Keep in touch and remember our local COVID support line (available in many languages – see poster). A Chronic Disease Nurse is on hand to assist clients and make connections with medical services. Call 604.278.9711 ext 4153. Also see excellent links to general information:




-> Canada #TakeoutDay Campaign (Thanks to Teresa Murphy):
April 15, 2020 marked the launch of a take-out campaign to encourage Canadians to order contactless takeout or delivery to support local restaurants and the millions of people they employ in this country. Let’s make Wednesdays #TakeoutDay.

Week of April 13

->Food Hampers for Residents in Need (Thanks to various partners):
Some people have been asking about groups that are providing hampers for people in need in Richmond. Most of these groups provide food but some will provide other items too. Please see list below. Some may also be looking for volunteers, should you be so inclined:

-> Relief Fund for Low-Income Richmond Residents (Thanks to Richmond Homeless Connect):
You can email richmondcommunityconnects@gmail.com to ask for an application form and fund criteria. They will make every effort to give a decision within 3 business days. If the matter is time sensitive and requires a quicker response, please call 604-644-7247 to discuss your referral.

-> Housing Job Match (Thanks to BC Non Profit Housing Association):
(BCNPHA) has launched a new program, “Housing Job Match” to connect unemployed workers with housing providers needing additional support. From property managers and cooks, to administrative staff and cleaners, they can let you know about potential new employees looking for work in your community.
To learn more about the Housing Job Match initiative please visit www.housingjobmatch.ca or click here to read our news release.

-> Richmond Councillor Report (Thanks to Cllr. Carol Day):
Please see attached: Information about wearing of non-medical masks, ‘Richmond has Heart‘ campaign, Meals to Go at Minoru Centre for Active Living, Garry Point walking map (one-directional).

-> Homelessness Resource Guide (Thanks to City Staff Cody Spencer):
Please see attached Guide in pdf

-> Covid 19 resources in Five languages (Thanks to Alan Hill and UBC):
See link below:

-> Disability Foundation ( Thanks to George Pope):
Information on virtual courses including personal training and resources for people with disabilities:

-> Richmond Multicultural Community Services (RMCS) (Thanks to Parm Grewal):
‘Like’ their Facebook page and join their programs, this week includes: Job Hunt, Virtual Volunteering and Finding Happiness.

-> Make your own fabric masks (Thanks to local artist Marina Szijarto):
Check out local maker Marina Szijarto’s detailed research and instructions on making masks: https://www.facebook.com/marina.szijarto/posts/10157289672770910

-> Covid 19 Benefits in one document (Thanks to Alan Hill):
Please see attached “C19 benefits.”

-> Yummy Recipe (Thanks to Cory Tymich and RCFC):
Please see attached “Cooking up with Jenn” Spicy Cold Noodles.

-> Ask Federal government to include Non-Profits in CEWS (Thanks to Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives):
A further update on the call for charities and non-profits to have immediate access to the federal Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) program via an email-you-MP tool that allows individuals to quickly send and email to their local MP, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance.

Week of April 6

Community Meals and Food Bank (Thanks to Rani Wangsawidjaya and Susan Johnsen):
-> No new updates. Reminder: Gilmore Park (Thursday) meal is closed. Food Bank hampers are available for those in need. Please donate if you can, this includes hygiene items, toilet paper, etc. Contact http://richmondfoodbank.org/

City of Richmond (Thanks to Lesley Sherlock)
-> For up-to-date information about the City of Richmond’s response to COVID-19, visit www.richmond.ca/covid19. you will find COVID-19 news releases, a comprehensive Affected City Services & Facilities list and video messages from the Mayor and recent Council decisions. Updates are also being posted regularly to the City’s social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For health information related to COVID-19, visit Vancouver Coastal Health, BC Centre for Disease Control and Government of Canada. Please also see attached spreadsheet giving updates on Richmond service agencies and activities.

Richmond Food Security Society (Thanks to Ian Lai):
-> The City has made the Barn at Terra Nova available to the Food Security Society to provide batch meals for the School District and other social service agencies with funding and coordination by those groups. Food safety oversight is being provided by VCH. Contact RFSS for more info at https://www.richmondfoodsecurity.org/

Richmond Division of Family Practice (Thanks to Alan Hill):
-> Just a reminder we have our own COVID support team where you can be directly linked to local medical and advice services. Please see attached poster and pass on.

Richmond Public Library (Thanks to Winifred Chong):
-> The library has moved our in-house programs online! You will find we have an array of programs including how to use LinkedIn for finding employment, virtual storyimes, ebook book clubs, a digital escape room, any many more. More info at:

Richmond Coming Together (Thanks to Karina Reid):
-> Is looking for a computer for a single Mom with two children. Do you know anyone that is donating computers? If you ca help please go to Facebook COVID-19 Richmond Coming Together.

Richmond Mental Health Consumer & Friends (RCFC) (Thanks to Cory Tymich):
-> See attached, RCFC’s digital Recreation Calendar for the week of April 6 -10. Please pass to anyone that may benefit from some community connection during these difficult times. Digital events live are streamed on Periscope and replayed on Twitter and pscp.tv. Wednesday night Poker tournament on PokerStar.net. Contribute to a weekly newsletter via a Sync​ Cloud Share. Check-in and Share! The RCFC has expanded our community at this time, to any adult in Richmond that needs our support that identifies as having lived experience of an health issue or a disability. We recognize that our peer community will expand and we want to do our best to be prepared to support that growing community.

Richmond Centre for Disability (RCD) Virtual Activities in April 2020 (Thanks to Ella Huang):
-> You are invited to ZOOM-IN our virtual activities, some for everyone, some for registered participants only. We are choosing activities which are more suitable to go on-line, we will keep adding to the list when we move forward. Click on this link to join: zoom.us/j/3028415008; follow the prompt to download the program onto your computer. On mobile devices such as cell phone and tablet/iPad, download the App for “ZOOM Cloud Meetings.” Or you can email RCD staff, you will find their emails at RCD website “Contact Us“. For general enquiries on disability resources, RCD activities, email rcd@rcdrichmond.org.

Richmond Multicultural Community Services (RMCS) (Thanks to Parm Grewal):
-> A New group RMCS Settlers has daily online workshops.There are only TWO steps to join RMCS Settlers group;
1) Simply, “like” our Facebook page and;
2) You can find “RMCS Settlers” under “group”. Press “join” and you are set!
Our online workshops will be happening EVERY DAY, from Monday to Friday (except Stats Holidays – we like to relax a bit too! 😁).
Please join us at RMCS Settlers group for more timely information!

Pathways Clubhouse (Thanks to Dave MacDonald):
-> Everyday our clubhouse members and staff meet virtually to plan the work of the day. We produce live feeds and videos to support each others wellness and to have some fun on our new facebook site called “Pathways Virtual Clubhouse” while our other facebook site still operates. Meals are made and delivered to those in need. Throughout the day, community supports are provided to members through text, telephone, messenger, WeChat, etc.

Updated Covid 19 Economic Relief Info for Canadians (Thanks to George Pope):
-> This website has all the programs to date, federal and provincial and how to apply. The big federal income replacement opens their portal today. It is supposed to be through CRA and offer direct deposit within 10 days of registration. Payments will be backdated to March 15. Note: This link is to MLA Bowinn Ma who also sits on a number of legislative committees including the Housing Working Group. See:

Week of March 29

-> From Community Meals and Food Bank:
No changes since last week. St. Alban’s meal Mar 31st. is cancelled.

-> From Alan Hill:
Regarding Covid Support for Patients from Richmond Division of Family Practice, see attached info-graphic.

-> From Deb Turner:
BC – COVID-19 Action Plan: BC’s first steps to support people, businesses

[Federal] Government introduces Canadian Emergency Response Benefit to help workers and businesses

-> From Karina Reid:
Here’s our Facebook group contact info Come Together Richmond. We have 18 drivers ready to deliver Food Bank hampers!


-> From George Pope, enjoy the Internet Library:

-> From Cory Tymich, resources on Harm Reduction during Covid 19 and RCFC’s timetable of virtual activities, attached:

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