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Free 2017 income tax preparation assistance in Richmond

13 March 2017 No Comment

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It’s tax season again — submissions are due by April 30. Remember, it’s important to file your taxes to whether you earn income or not to ensure you’re receiving all of Canadian tax system benefits and services. Here are some of the organizations in Richmond and beyond offering free income tax preparation help for low income individuals ($30,000 annual income or lower, $35,000 with one child) and families ($40,000 dual annual income or lower).

BC ACORN (2-630 Carnarvon St., New Westminster): Monday to Friday year-round. Call Akber at 604-522-8707 or email bcadmin@acorncanada.org to book an appointment.

Chimo Community Services (120-7000 Minoru Blvd.):Tuesdays and Thursdays year-round —  income tax form drop-offs preferred. Call 604-279-7077  to book an in-person appointment.

City Centre Community Centre (105-5900 Minoru Blvd.): Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays now until April 27. Call 604-204-8588 to book an appointment.

• CFC Tax Assist (132-7295 Moffatt Rd.): Saturdays and Sundays from Feb. 26 to April 30.Must be a senior to qualify. Advanced registration is required, and service is available in English and Tagalog. Call or email Mylene at 604-370-0274 to book an appointment.

• Minoru Place Activity Centre (7660 Minoru Gate):March 1 to April 30. Must be 55+ to qualify, sessions last 30 minutes. Call 604-238-8450  to book an appointment.

Richmond Centre for Disability (100-5671 No. 3 Rd.): March, 11, 25, and April 1, 8, 29. Advanced registration is required with a $5 refundable cash or credit registration deposit. Call 604-232-2404 to book an appointment.

• Richmond Multicultural Community Services (210–7000 Minoru Blvd.): Monday to Saturday from March 1 to May 3. Advanced registration is required. Call Ashok or Batool at 604-279-7160 or email info@rmcs.bc.ca to book an appointment.

Richmond Public Library (Brighouse, 7700 Minoru Gate): Saturdays from March 4 to April 25. Sessions last up to 45 minutes. Advanced registration is required. call 604-231-6413 to book an appointment.

• Richmond Women’s Resource Centre (110-7000 Minoru Blvd.): Monday to Thursday from March 20 to 30. Sessions last 30 minutes, and service is available in both English and Chinese. Call 604-279-7060 to book an appointment.

• S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Richmond Service Centre (220-7000 Minoru Blvd.): Saturdays from Feb. 25 to April 15. S.U.C.C.E.S.S. membership is required — registration is available on-site. Call 604-408-7274 ext. 1084 or visit the office to book an appointment.

Thompson Community Centre (5151 Granville Ave.): Wednesdays and Saturdays from March 4 to 29. Sessions last 30 minutes. Call Sharlene at 604-238-8436 to book an appointment.

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